History of Badulla City

When the king Senarath (1604-1635 AC) ruleing the country from Kandy, the country had divided into three sub kingdoms and appointed three sub kings. King Kumarasinghe (1629- 1636 AC) was the regional king of Uva and he was the son of king Senarath of Kandy. King Kumarasinghe regin the Province of Uva from badulla. King Kumarasinghe erected his palace at Badulla. King Kumarasighe is a brave king and he fought Randeniwela Battale in --- and won the battle after beheading all the Portuguese Battalians as well as the Portuguese Governor ----, near Randeniwela (Kumbalwela-Ella-Wellawaya – A-26 Road).

Slyvester Wilson, Major Rojers are the first Assistant Agents to Badulla. Slyvester died near Unagolla in Bibile, Major Rojers killed by a lighten at Haputale. Wife of Slyvester Wilson’s tomb can be found at the Old cemetery at Badulla. Slyvester Wilson was a victim to the rebel in October 1817 and died near Ungolla by a arrow shot. St. Mark’s Church at Badulla was the first church to erect in the area, the church has erected by the Kandyan chiefs and minor headmen to respect Major Rojers, the administrative officer, who was killed by a lighten at haputale. Rev. S. Langdon – the Apostle of Uva, had erected Mission and School, Industrial and Reformatory at badulla. Another school and Orphange has erected by Misses Cook, Lord and Cotton.

Badulla Pillar Inscription is also named as ‘Sorabora Wewa Inscription’ was found near Mahiyangana by Jone Belli in 1857 who was the Deputy Govt Agent for Badulla at that time. And the British have brought the pillar inscription to Badulla and re-erected near Badulla Kachcheri premises (near the four way junction)initially. However,again the pillar inscription wasmoved and housed in Senarath Paranawithana Memorial Library in Badulla along Senarath Paranavithana Mawatha. This pillar inscription belongs to the reign of king Udaya the First (946-954 AC).